Partners in Emergency Preparedness Conference
Sandi Doughton - Wednesday Opening Keynote      
Sandi Doughton is an award-winning science writer for The Seattle Times and the author of Full Rip 9.0: The Next Big Earthquake in the Pacific Northwest.

Doughton has been covering Northwest earthquakes for nearly 20 years, first at The News Tribune of Tacoma and for the past decade at The Seattle Times.

Doughton set out to be a biologist, but after graduate research that required her to stand in a walk-in freezer and drip rattlesnake venom into test tubes, she decided to combine her interests in journalism and science.

Her first science-writing job was in Los Alamos, New Mexico, birthplace of the atomic bomb and the center of some of the country’s most cutting edge and controversial research – including work on laser fusion and the “Star Wars” missile defense system.

Her science reporting has taken her to the Bering Sea, where she covered climate change and chased seals over pancake ice, and to Africa, where she wrote about the Gates Foundation’s efforts to develop a vaccine for malaria.

But earthquake science is her favorite subject, because it’s a great example of the way research can make a difference in people’s lives. 

Read a recent Seattle Times article written by Sandi Doughton.



David S
anderson - Thursday
Opening Plenary

On January 15, 2009, returning home from a routine business trip, Dave Sanderson survived “The Miracle on the Hudson.” When a bird strike hit US Airways Flight 1549, there was no choice for the crew but to ditch the plane into the Hudson River. Sitting on the plane, in what many would consider to be the wrong place and the wrong time, Sanderson knew he was exactly where he was supposed to be. Thinking only of helping others in the crisis, Dave Sanderson became the last person off of the back of the plane that day, and was largely responsible for making sure so many others made it out safely.

Exposed to frigid water and freezing temperatures, doctors feared that that he would suffer a heart attack or stroke from the dangerous conditions. Miraculously, he returned to his job as a sales manager that following Tuesday.   To Dave Sanderson however, doing the right thing came naturally. When confronting potential tragedy, he remembered the words of his mother, “If you can’t, you must,” and summoned the inner strength to persevere.

Dave grew up in southern Ohio and Winchester, Virginia.  He graduated from James Madison University in 1983, being one of the first students to obtain his BBA in the newly formed International Business discipline. Dave is current responsibility is for the sales, management and marketing of Oracle Corporation’s applications to the CPG industry segment globally.    Mr. Sanderson has over 29 years experience in sales and marketing management with such firms as Marriott, ADP, KPMG, Keane, CIBER and now Oracle.

In his “off time”, Dave has traveled the world with noted author and speaker, Anthony Robbins as his Director of Security.  He has been responsible for the areas of Evangelism and Igniting Ministry at Providence United Methodist Church in Charlotte, NC.  Dave and his wife, Terri, also a graduate of James Madison University, have 4 children, Chelsey, Colleen , Courtney and Chance.  He has spoken to over 450 organizations around the world about his experience and lessons from “The Miracle on the Hudson”. 

He currently speaks to organizations around the country about the experience and lessons learned from that day and his experiences after the “Miracle”  that can people can apply to their personal and/or business lives.  He is a contributor to the book “Brace for Impact” which was released on January 5, 2010.  His next book is due to be out in Q2 2014 which is currently titled “Six Minutes”.

View a video message to our attendees from Dave Sanderson.

Adrianne Haslet-Davis - Thursday Closing Keynote

Adrianne Haslet-Davis has survived the unimaginable bombings at the 2013 Boston Marathon where she lost her left leg below the knee. She is quickly rising to meet her daily challenges head on with a unique perspective. Being a ballroom dancer and former Fortune 500 corporate manager, at the peak of her career, she has had to learn an entirely new meaning to the word patience. 

In the wake of the marathon, she has become an inspiration through her positive attitude and infectious smile. She has recently returned to the dance floor and is ready to take on the challenge of re learning head on. Appearing on CNN, Dancing With The Stars, The View and many other media outlets, Adrianne hopes her emotional honesty will serve as an example to others looking to overcome adversity in their own lives. 

She has inspired John Hancock corporate runners in the 2014 Boston Marathon, Merrill Lynch corporate meetings and many others. 

Adrianne accepted a 2013 Med Star Gala Victory Award in Washington DC and was honored with her first responders at the 2013 Schwartz Center Gala in Boston. 

She was recently named one of Cosmo’s Most Powerful Women of 2013. She is a born story teller and enjoys teaching others that they too, have an inner strength that is larger than life itself.