2019 NWRHC (NW Rural Health Conference)

The 2019 Northwest Rural Health Conference plenary speakers.  
Nanci Luna Jiménez
JUST RELATIONSHIPS: Looking Inward to Create More Just Community Health Care
Holistic health equity looks at the entire system of care, including the impacts on those who support and provide that care. During this interactive keynote, Nanci Luna Jiménez will elevate our conversation around justice and restoration. She will invite us to look outward: to understand and name systemic oppressions and their impacts. And she will ask us to look inward: to grapple with burnout and resulting attrition, discouragement and overwhelm even as she asks us to reach for hope and compassion—especially for ourselves. She will explore the importance of listening and emotional healing, inviting us to embrace a greater willingness to risk vulnerability as we build and reestablish “Just Relationships” as the basis for renewed commitment to a more just world!
Rodrigo Garcia
Claudia Garcia
Catch me if you Can; the impaired provider
Claudia and Rodrigo will present this information from both a personal and professional perspective. This presentation focuses on a health care providers personal journey through addiction, recovery, and reentry back into the health care field. Warning signs, common characteristics, and proposed solutions are also discussed in this program. The view-points of both the impaired provider and the co-worker/ employer/ spouse are highlighted in this program. Audience participation and open discussion are promoted throughout the session.