Climate Impacts to Water 2017

Climate Impacts to Water
January 25-26, 2017

This conference should be of interest to those managing water in agricultural, irrigation district managers, and storm water planners. The common theme will be creating a dialogue amongst the communities that use and value the regions water supply and water quality. The future food production and processing systems in the region are expected to be challenged by water supply due to decreased snow pack and issues associated with water access and rights. In addition, excess water from heavy rain events and untimely precipitation are expected to cause issues with water quality and flood events. These uncertainties make it very difficult for the agriculture, water managers, and storm water communities to make decisions.

This conference will:
  • Improve your understanding about projected climate impacts on water accessibility in the PNW, and the impact of sustainable management decisions.
  • Create awareness of resources for adopting agricultural strategies that will make farming operations more resilient to climate change, while minimizing environmental impact.
  • Build on the regional network of advisors and educators.
  • Encourage you to take the knowledge gained at the conference and promote adoption in the field.


Who should participate in the conference?

University Extension, Agronomists, Consultants, Agriculture Professionals, Crop Advisors, Conservation Districts, County Extension, Farmers, Growers and Producers, NRCS, Environmental and Tribal Organizations, Municipal Water and Irrigation Districts, Regulatory and Policy Staff, Research and Academic Personnel and more! Continuing education credits are expected to be available for certified crop advisors, professional animal scientists, professional engineers, technical service providers and others.