Climate Impacts to Water 2017

Presenter Information

Brief One Page Proceedings

All presenters are required to submit via email a one page brief proceedings paper to Liz Whitefield ( by January 6, 2017.

Our objective for the brief proceedings paper is to provide information that can serve as a reference guide for conference attendees. Many rely on the proceedings as their main source of information from the conference. Include in the proceeding paper what you want people to remember from your talk and what you want them to take home with them to use. Besides text, this information can certainty include visuals (graphs, charts, tables, photos with captions, etc.). If the information spills over on to an additional page, that is fine. We kindly ask that the proceedings be brief, and not exceed two pages please. They will be available online at the WSU Water Resources page. Printed copies of the conference proceedings will not be distributed by the conference committee. The brief one page proceedings can be simply emailed to Liz Whitefield (

Presentation and Biography

Please allow your bio to not exceed a paragraph’s length, to allow more time for presentations and content. Please email both to Liz Whitefield ( by Friday January 20, 2017. If your presentation is too large to send, please email Liz for instructions to use drobox or google docs.